"Fitzpatrick Team fuse quality with outstanding design and create places you want to live and work in” – Interior Designer, TK

The Fitzpatrick’s have operated as builders, developers and property investors putting locally based knowledge and contacts together to produce startling results from sometimes overlooked or unappreciated properties.

We have a driving passion for unique design, delivering high-quality, award winning, residential led mixed use schemes. Over the years the Fitzpatricks have won awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Civic Trust, the Department of the Environment and the National House Builders Council (NHBC).

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The highest standards have also been recognised with the award National Gold Medallion for Quality and with commendations in The Sunday Times Building of the Year and the Institute of Facility Managers' Office Building of the year awards.

Pier House Mornington Peninsula

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St Kilda Apartments

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