An investment in Fitzpatrick Team Development does more than allow you to diversify your portfolio and buy into the vibrant Victorian property market. Your investment will help build bespoke, sustainable new developments to meet the local community’s needs. 

Fitzpatrick Team Developments offers a variety of options for short-term, long-term potential growth and income investing. 

Fitzpatrick’s will use these funds to facility property development projects across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. 

The process for investing is simple.

▶︎ Take any professional advice (financial, tax, legal) that you may require before making an investment decision. 

▶︎ Once you have decided to proceed, schedule an appointment for a detailed discussion in complete confidence. 

▶︎ If all criteria are met, you will be provided with details of the account to which your investment funds should be sent. 

▶︎ Return payments will be made as agreed 

The key to this approach is that you are not a stranger but a valued personal investor. 

There is more than one way to invest. We can accept investors who want no risk and a fixed return or investors who wish to link their return to the value of the Melbourne property market. 

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